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Industrial Motherboard

More than just great touch panel PCs, Broadax Systems also offers industrial motherboards that range from ATX to mini-ITX form factor boards. These platforms are built with standard form factor, which allow customers to seamlessly upgrade without compatibility issues. The standard ATX mounting holes and I/O bracket area enable the industrial motherboard to be ready-to-use out of the box and reduces cabling as well as total cost. In addition, commercial motherboards typically have a short life cycle. Broadax Systems industrial motherboards are under strict revision control, which means engineering changes are kept to the minimum to reduce the high cost of design changes, costly maintenance, and upgrade efforts. These industrial motherboards are the ideal solution for customers who are using commercial off-the-shelf products, but require the flexibility of PCIe, PCI-X, PCI and ISA card expansion with industrial features such as longevity, reliability and manageability.

Industrial Motherboard

Industrial ATX Motherboard image

Starts at: $209.00

  Industrial ATX Motherboard
Industrial Micro ATX Motherboard image

Starts at: $219.00

  Industrial Micro ATX Motherboard
Industrial Mini-ITX Motherboard image

Starts at: $205.00

  Industrial Mini-ITX Motherboard