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About Broadax Systems, Inc.

Broadax Systems, Inc. (BSI) was founded in 1986 and is one of the first pioneers in the Portable Computer industry. We believe in always moving forward and evolving with the times. And as we continue our success as a manufacture of high performance systems, we have expanded our lineup to include not just Portable Computers but rackmount, rackmount servers, Panel PC and Embedded PCs. We continue to offer high-tech solutions for various fields such as business, research, automation and military or Government use. We are always looking for new ways to evolve and always adding to our lineup of high performance systems. Our new additions consist of Tablet PCs, Vehicle PCs and Supermicro Servers.
What BSI has to offer

BSI is committed to serve the interests of their customers by offering various computing solutions from multiple distributors at a competitive price. What sets BSI apart from our competitors is we develop a great relationship with each distributor and by doing so, not only do we carry a lower cost but also a shorter lead-time and access to their multiple product lines.

BSI has been a trusted supplier for various government agencies and private corporations. We frequently act as an extension of our clients when sourcing components to meet the specs they require. Whether it is hard to find components or discontinued products, we do our best to provide you with what you need.

Technical expertise - As one of the pioneers in the portable computer industry, BSI has been involved with a wide variety of business and technology-based products and services for industrial and commercial markets. BSI has provided high-end PC systems in desktop, portable, and industrial rackmount designs for business, consumers, and government agencies for over thirty years. BSI technical department is staffed with experienced engineers CNE and MCSE technicians familiar with both PC hardware and software.

Commitment to customer satisfaction - To assure the highest level of quality control in systems assembly and testing, BSI has designed a comprehensive quality control program that addresses their entire process from component inspection to final testing.

Highest level of customer service - BSI takes great pride in their ability to provide their customers with short turn-around time in the event their system needs upgrades or repair. Their courteous customer service staff is always available to assist customers with their specific needs.

100% True Customization - BSI completely customizes all of their systems to meet the customers individual needs to ensure the proper computing solution.

 Exceptional Warranty - All of BSI's products are backed with a comprehensive warranty plan with an option to extend the standard warranty.

Channel Relationships - BSI has strong relationships with its suppliers and product manufacturers, which benefit the customer by having up to date information, better support programs and product compatibilities

Since 1986, Broadax Systems, Inc. has been a leading industrial computer systems manufacturer and customized solutions provider. We offer high performance and high quality industrial computers such as industrial rackmount computers, lunchbox style portable computers, low profile embedded computers, touch screen panel PCs, rackmount LCD keyboard drawers and various Supermicro Servers. If you have a special request for any of the Supermicro servers we carry, we can work with you so the server meets your unique application. 

Customer satisfaction as well as guaranteeing high performance solutions that meet your requirements is Broadax Systems' top priority. As a valued Broadax Systems' customer, you are entitled to the same services and advanced computing solutions as our Fortune 500 customers such as Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and Harris.