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Why Choose BSI

Rated No. 1 Overall for Top Quality Name Brand Components

Founded in 1986, Broadax Systems Inc. is one of the leading manufactures and solution providers in the Industrial Computing field. BSI provides a full range of high performance computing solutions, from workgroup to rackmount servers designed for the engineering enterprise and supercomputing centers. BSI's sole mission is to deliver the highest performance and superior quality in all our product lines. This is done by incorporating Intel and AMD processor with two of largest motherboard manufacture in the world, ASUS and Supermicro. Add a top-quality memory manufacture like Kingston and two leading power supply manufactures like Zippy and Seasonic, all of this packaged together for maximum performance.

Also BSI's long life Industrial Motherboards are designed, developed and manufactured with true documentation and revision control in an ISO 9001:2000 facility. Each Industrial Motherboard carries a written three to five year production life cycle guarantee. This longevity will reduce your production costs and lower engineering, testing and certification costs.

Knowledgeable Sales Team

BSI is proud to have a wonderful department of knowledgeable Sales Representatives. No matter what the project is or what configurations you need, BSI will try its best to make it work. From your standard systems down to custom high performance computers, Sales will be able to answer all your questions and meet your projects needs.

Top Notch Customer Support

Our support team is always here to help you when you should encounter a problem. With over the phone troubleshooting and the ability to speak with a real technician instead of a machine, the Support team can help you out with repairs, upgrades, troubleshooting and RMA processing. Our support team can be reached by E-Mail, Phone or Fax.