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High Performance Portable Computers

If your business requires a high power computing device that is as portable as it is reliable, Broadax Systems, Inc. can provide you with industry leading equipment. We have been a prominent panel PC, embedded PC and portable computer manufacturer since 1986. We offer high performance rugged lunchbox style portable computers that are upgradeable and fully functional for many industrial fields such as telecom services, data acquisition and test applications where laptop computers would simply fail. Our portable computers range from different sizes beginning with 14" to 20.1" TFT LCD flat panel displays. Also available are full-size expansion slots for customers' specialized PCIe, PCI, PCI-X, and ISA expansion cards. For OEM/ODM projects, please contact us at 1-800-872-4547 or email:

High Performance Portable Computers

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Starts at: $4,275.00

  Industrial Portable Computer
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  Military Portable Computer