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Windows Embedded Introduction

Have you ever had to decide what Operating System would work great on your next project and were left with more questions then when you began? It can be a little daunting to choose one to begin with but have you heard of Windows Embedded? Windows Embedded is an efficient O.S. with out the cumbersome apps that slow down take up necessary resources. This gives you all the things you do want and none of the thing you don't.

Windows Embedded is lean and does not take up a lot of space to install. This makes it an ideal candidate to install on a CF Card or other smaller Solid State Devices and is also a good candidate if you need an energy efficient unit. Since it is a Windows product it can seamlessly communicate with other Windows O.S. and software. Modular in design, you have the option to add or deduct pieces of Windows Embedded that are not needed in your end design.

Not only is Windows Embedded streamlined but it also houses some very beneficial options like Write Locking. This feature lets you lock the function of writing or saving any information on to the Hard Drive and offers other customizable options. So if your looking for the next O.S. for your project, don't count Windows Embedded out, it might just be the one you've been looking for.