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What are the benefits of Industrial Computers?

City of Industry, California, April 10th, 2014

There are many benefits for you to choose an Industrial Computer for your next project. Whether that project be for inventory control, industrial and automation control to checking logistics. The benefits I will talk about are just some that might help you decide if an Industrial Computer is for you or not.

The first benefit of choosing an Industrial Grade Computer is longevity. The components are made for the industry in mind and also have a long life. For example, if you choose non-industrial grade computer you might come back a few years later and want to order the same configuration only to find out that the components have been discontinued and replaced by others with different specs. Industrial Computers have a life of 7-10 years so you are able to order more of the same unit or find replacement parts.

Two other benefits that go hand in hand are durability and reliability. Industrial Grade Computers are more durable and can handle harsh climates better. They have a higher temperature threshold, which translates to reduced downtime and increased productivity. Ordinary laptops and computers degrade over time due to normal wear and tear but Industrial Computers are manufactured with a touch exterior to protect its components to offer many years of service.

The last benefit is ease of installation. With Industrial Computers there is no major modification that must occur to install the units, they install the same as an ordinary computer. Some of the Industrial computers are so compact that purchasing high-end customer cabinets or mounts are not necessary saving you time and money. For a mobile application such as installation in a car or boat, an Industrial grade Computer would be a great addition.