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Bay Trail Processor

City of Industry, California, June 09th, 2014

Intel's newest processor family, Bay Trail, has been making its rounds online. It is a new and improved generation of its predecessor, the Intel Atom. But aside from just being improved upon, there has been so much more added to the new Bay Trail processor that makes it a good contender in to the Tablet market. This new processor is 64-bit capable and is energy efficient but also has some aces up its sleeves.

There has always been a performance gap between the highest performing Atom Processors and the lowest performing Intel Processors. In the past it was necessary to choose if you needed an energy efficient Processor and sacrifice its performance or choose a high performing Processor but suffer by its energy consumption. Slowly but surely Intel is coming out with new mainstream and economical versions of the Bay Trail Processor which will be marked as a Celeron such as the J-1900.

The J-1900 Processor is doing what hasn't been done before, it is offering four cores, support for 64-bit as well as being able to run Linux and is able to out perform the desktop Ivy Bridge Celeron G470 Processor. As time goes on, we will see these processors trickle down to mainstream in a greater quantity and breath new life to Embedded systems.