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10th generation processors is now available for 4U 3U 2U and Portables.

Support for 10 th generation processors is now available for 4U, 3U and 2U shaped Rack mount computers as well as portables. The 10 th generation processors are the some of the latest series available and provide the optimal amount of performance and are complemented by brand new chipsets as well. Namely, the Intel W840 and Z490 chipsets ill be spearheading the new line of hardware that is now available.

The new chipsets will be available in the latest ATX form factor motherboards, which allows them to fit in most traditional configurations with ease. Having access to the new 10 th generation Intel processors also allows for more powerful hardware upgrades so new cutting edge peripherals will also be possible options for anyone considering an upgrade. Most notably in these line of peripherals is the 30 series graphics cards, which will be able to utilize their full potential under the new 10 th generation processors. Being the latest in the Nvidia graphics card family, they will allow for a broad spectrum of applications that can range anywhere from media to rendering procedures.