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BSI is introducing the Intel Z790 and AMD X670 Chipset

Broadax systems is excited to announce the availability of the Intel Z790 chipset motherboards. There are currently two boards running on the aforementioned chipset and both of which are in the ATX form factor. With an ATX form factor; these boards will be available to order for all our Rack Mount units excluding the 1U chassis. Furthermore, most of our portable lunchbox computers will also be capable of supporting both of these motherboards and all of their functions.

The first board available with the new chipset offered is the ASRock Z790 PRO RS ATX. The processor socket for the board will be able to support either 12 th generation or 13 th generation Intel Core processors, and will allow up to 4 DDR5 memory sticks. The board notably features design applications such as DR. MOS for intelligent power application and is equipped with a 6 Layer PCB for lower temperatures allowing higher energy efficiency for memory overclocking.

The second board is the AMD counterpart to the previous board being the ASRock X670E PG Lightning ATX motherboard. The processor socket supports the Ryzen 7000 series processors and will situate up to 4 DDR5 RAM modules similar to the Z790 PRO. The X670E also has the DR.MOS for intelligent power application but compared to the Intel board, the AMD board has 8 layers of PCB.