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GPU Servers

Broadax systems is excited to announce that AI application HPC servers are now available to order. This line of servers is suitably denoted by GPU in its nomenclature as they are all powered with GPU cards to handle the brunt of the processing load. The systems currently available are all come in either a 2U or 4U form factor and can function as a tower work station or be rack mounted if desired. Spearheading the GPU servers will be the GPU740, GPU202, GPU203, GPU401 and GPU402. All the aforementioned servers will be running on either the Intel Xeon 3 rd generation processors or the AMD EPYC 7002 processors.

As to be expected of GPU servers; users can expect numerous expansion slots for a majority of the servers depending on the space requirements of the application. The 2U form factor servers can hold up to four graphics cards while the 4U servers are double the amount. All servers are also equipped with redundant power supplies with power ratings of Platinum or Titanium for more consistency and reliability.