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IPC950 Industrial Embedded PC

Broadax Systems, Inc. is excited to announce that IPC950: a new entry in to the Industrial PC line of hardware is now available. Industrial PC‘s like the IPC950 are designed for intensive applications with limited space to work with. Despite the space restriction: industrial PC's such as the IPC950 are capable of utilizing powerful hardware such as the 11 th generation Intel processors.

The IPC950 operates with an SoC integrated chipset and is built with an LGA1200 processor socket that can support the 11 th generation intel core and celeron processors from i3 to i7. For RAM, the board supports dual channel DDR4 DIMM 3200 MHz memory up to a maximum capacity of 64 GB.

IPC950 Embedded PC
The board's I/O interface is constructed with two display ports for display each capable of a 4k resolution at 60Hz refresh rate. The I/O interface provided also provides users with access to four type A USB 3.1 ports, one 2.5GbE LAN I225-LM Ethernet port and two I211 LAN ports. Due to the flexibility of the I/O interface, the user can also add additional LAN ports if necessary.Storage options for the board support an M key to allow for PCie NVME storage should the user prefer NVME over traditional hard drives. There is also one 2.5” HDD/SSD bay for additional storage that can be utilized if desired.