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The New FieldGO F7 Rugged Portable Computer is Now Available

The FieldGo S7 portable system is now available. The FieldGo F7 is the latest entry to the portable system line of hardware typically used for applications out in the field that require powerful specifications. Due to the fact that it is being used outdoors, the system can be expected to be rather durable sporting a heavy-duty aluminum alloy construction. The screen resolution by default runs at a standard 1080p FHD with 300 nits of brightness, but supports optional upgrades that can provide UHD resolutions and a refresh rate of up to 144Hz.
FieldGO F7 Rugged Portable Computer
FieldGO F7 Rugged Portable Computer Side View
The FieldGo S7 supports the micro-ATX form factor so the standard motherboard size with numerous configuration options provides excellent flexibility in terms of hardware. Naturally, the new 10 th generation processor supported motherboards will be supported as options. The keyboard that comes attached with the unit is a 105-key keyboard that comes installed with an integrated touch pad. Hard drive space is also abundant with a capacity of 16 hot swap 2.5" hard drive bays. There are also 5 expansion slots for flexible peripheral configurations.