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IMB-C246J motherboard

The IMB-C246J motherboard is the latest industrial ATX Form Factor motherboard solution for 8 th and 9 th generation Intel core processors offered for 4U, 3U, 2U, an Portable systems. As an industrial class motherboard, it is designed to perform for years and expected to last through Q2 of 2033. The memory supports a capacity up to 64 GB of DDR4-2666 Dual Channel DIMM Ram across 4 slots.

On Board storage is also available which supports M.2 to be installed in a SATA PCIE slot. A separate M.2 slot is also included for WIFI options or USB 3.1. The IMB-C246J also provides 10 serial ports, a TPM option and watchdog timer. Supported OS options include Windows Server, Windows 10 and Enterprise Linux.

IMB-C246J Motherboard

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